Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++
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I can't help you with that since I don't know the content of your database. You could send me a dump of it.


The table i m using is like this one:
user_id user_name user_rconpass user_xfire user_class user_rconsuspend
1 d3sync pass d3sync 6,5,7 0
35 bro pass xfire 6,5,7 0
8 mikes pass xfire 5,6,7 0
11 Buffy pass xfire 5,6,7 0
24 Cox pass xfire 5,6 0

But that's not my issue since i can add or remove tables that will suit my needs, i m trying to figure out how to limit access so i can define which user_class can access which server. Obviously xD the same way as for the userlist didn't work in this case of course i used the session to grab the username logged in to check the db for the permissions on i was doing the check with the db without any errors it was actually working and only the servers i wanted was appearing but when i was clicking on them to control them it was opening the index.php server without anything happening all icons were disabled refresh time wasn't working nor any command had an output return.


I appologize if this has been asked, but apparently there's no feature to search the current post.

Will this be made compatible with AlterIW/MW2?
Quote:Call Of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 (not possible to use until there is rcon implemented to the game)
I don't know AlterIW.


Hello Ashus,

First I would like to announce, that your rcon tool, is perfectly made. (In my opinion, of course)

But I have a question, if I may ask.

Your online player list, is the output of the "status" command in CoD4. Though if I sent a UDP package, with the rcon command: status, it's cut off somewhere in the code. It's limited. How are you able, to get the entire list, including people their ID's?

You could make someone happy, if you tell me!

Hi Maverick,
command is like this:
"\xff\xff\xff\xffrcon \"SERVER_PASSWORD\" status\x0a\x00" 
Getting the entire list is easy, you just wait for the UDP packets to come back and fill buffer. Then you wait for timeout since last data and you join the data chunks together.
The whole action can be seen (suprisingly) in action.php Smile


Thanks for fast reply!, Since I am quite a newby to PHP, I have no idea what you mean with "data chunks" and "put them together". Neither I couldn't find it in your actions.php.

If you could save some time for me, you think you could gather the code, that will output a table status for me, as in yours?

You WILL be perfect, if you do so Smile
I can point you to function RequestToGame, but I don't have more time for this. If you're planning to use parts of my code, you're on your own gathering/modifying them.
Hi - I'm in the process of attempting to set up PHPRcon (V2.4), but am rather new at this kind of thing and need some detailed advice to ensure I am doing it properly. I have downloaded the PHPRcon and have uploaded the files to my webserver. (I am using to run my COD4 Server.)

In the Readme.txt, included with the PHPRcon files, it says to edit the following files:, servers/ and Can you provide me a sample or step by step instructions, on how I am to correctly edit these particular files?

It then says: "Open your browser, enter correct URL...." This might sound like a stupid question, but what should my correct URL look like?

Any help you can give me with this, would be greatly appreciated. :-)
Is it possible to implant php rcon with a phpBB forum?
So that people can login with their forum name + pass. It checks in which group that users is in (admin group for example) and then get the rights belonging to that group.
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