Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++
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Hi Fabio,
the gameserver must accept incoming UDP connections in order to enable joining players. The problem is on the webhosting side - it blocks these UDP packets going out from the PHP rcon application to the gameserver. Try to search for another webhosting providers or ask them to enable this feature for you - and show them the code - PHP rcon is harmless.
hi Ashus, thanks for your reply.
're right, I asked my webhosting has told me that UDP connections are blocked. I wonder what he needs to open UDP port for outgoing connection ... what is the port number to open?
The outgoint port number is variable, but you need to connect to your gameserver - the game IP and PORT (28960 by default), YMMV.
therefore, the door must open the webhosting is equal to the door of my address servergame?

For example, if the IP address of my server was playing 111.222.333.444:28456, will ask my webhosting to open the door for the 28456th outgoing UDP connection?
You can tell them to allow specifically this outgoing connection: UDP, IP 111.222.333.444, port 28456. This will make things even safer for them.
ok Ashus, I understand and i have thanks for your reply.
by chance you can suggest some free webhosting to upload the rconphp allowing connection udp???
Is it possible to add an IP and guid check?
Something like this?

If player IP = and player guid = 123abc
get PBplayer slot number
kick PBplayer slot number

I think it is possible and I want to try it myself.
But I have a few questions for you Ashus.
What is the command for the player ip? $player_ip or... ?
And can you please tell me the same for the guid and for the pb slot number?

Greats Moustache
[quote="RiZla+"]I have just upgraded to this newer version and i have ran into a problem with the user rights. I cant seem to figure out how to allow limited users to run custom commands.


Took a half day to find but if you look in root->servers.
Open and check this:

$server_ip = 'localhost';
$server_port = 28960;

As you can see, at the ip there are '
so you need to change the port

$server_ip = 'localhost';
$server_port = '28960';

Works with me.
Could you convert this web application to work with Bad Company 2?
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